Mayor Gray has proposed overly restrictive, anti-competitive regulations on your food trucks that have little to do with protecting public health and safety and everything to do with restricting competition and consumer choice.

The future of DC's food trucks is now in the hands of the DC Council!

Will you write them a letter and ask them to stand up for small businesses and Save DC Food Trucks?


  • Mayor Gray’s proposed new food truck rules will cripple the District’s thriving yet still very new mobile vending industry.
  • The results of Mayor Gray’s proposed regulations are fewer choices, less competition, food trucks closing and food truck employees losing jobs.
  • Mayor Gray wants to force food trucks into a limited number of lottery-assigned spaces at the most popular food truck destinations. How is it fair to expect a small business owner to run their business based on a game of chance?
  • District officials say that food trucks will still be able to vend outside lottery locations; however, restrictions that ban food trucks from within 500 feet of lottery locations and where there is less than 10 feet of unobstructed sidewalk leave few places where food trucks can serve District residents and workers.
  • We can do better. Send these job-killing regulations back to Mayor Gray for revisions.
  • We know that the District and community together can improve these proposed new food truck regulations so that they are fundamentally fair for everyone.